Lunes, Agosto 15, 2011

The conversion of a car alternator for wind turbine generator

As an inexpensive alternative to permanent magnet - generator can be turned into acar alternator for wind turbine generator.

It was previously pointed out, however, that the use of an alternator rewound only at an optimum wind turbine locations makes sense!

In poor locations, the permanent magnet - generator clearly the better choice!

Rewinding the stator, thus loading the beginning starts even at low revs, and the efficiency is improved.
Circuit of the alternator change and expand, so that the rotor magnetized independently without additional energy supply.

The explosion left drawing shows the components of an older Bosch alternator withappropriate references to the reconstruction.

Before rebuilding the generator, the bearings and the slip rings are checked for damage. If the bearings must be renewed not use RS-camp, but 1Z or 2Z - blockbearings, because they rotate more easily and thus ensure easy starting.

In addition, carbon brushes to wear, check and test function of the field coil.
Isolated case and led to the outside - the ground-side contact connection of the abrasive carbon holder must be of alternators.

The field current diodes can be removed because of the pole to supply an additional circuit is installed.

The charging current diodes can be eventually replaced by germanium diodes for low-power generators. This results in an improvement in efficiency, since the originaldiodes (silicon) have a higher voltage drop.

The rebuilding of the stator includes the following steps:

Step 1

Determine the original number of turns of the stator (wire per stator). may includewires and snip through.

A Bosch - Alternator (12V, 35A 20) has a wave winding, the winding up of threestrands.
Each strand has 12 turns winding. (per slot)

Step 2

Carefully remove the original wrapping, complete if possible.
The coating will not damage the stator! - Otherwise repair with paint. When unwindingdetermine the length of one winding strand.
It is needed for making a winding template!

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  2. Hi there,

    I am a student studying mechanical engineering at Loughborough University in the UK. I was wondering if I could have permission to use your image of the exploded alternator shown above for my project as it is very good to describe the function of certain components. If so please could you give me the full citation so I can use it and give appropriate credit in my report.

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    David Sharpe